Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka’s The Trials Of Brother Jero And The Road


The main aim of this research work was to examine Satire and Social Mediation in Wole Soyinka’s The Trails of Brother Jero and the Road. In regards to these two selected novels, the study has shown that Satire is seen as a literary composition in prose and drama intending to expose, ridicule, criticize or hold up to scorn the follies abuse of a person. The study also revealed that Satire has satisfied the popular need to debunk and ridicule the leading figures in politics and in religion sphere. Recommendations were also made that satirist should critically in some institutions like religion, marriage institution, educational institution, politics and so on by pointing out flaws in various sectors and efforts in correcting those flaws in the society. Through this, society would be discouraged from those certain bad behaviours.

Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka’s The Trials Of Brother Jero And The Road


1.1       Background to the Study

Literature is the mirror of life. It seeks to discuss, expose, and propose solutions to the daily problems of the society, be it social, political, economic, moral or otherwise. Therefore, literature reflects life and it is inseparable to the society.

Satire is a kind of literature and sometimes graphic and performing arts, where vices, follies abuses and falsities are bound to ridicule ideally with the intension of humiliating individuals and society itself, even in improvement, although satire is usually funny. The more important purpose is often social corrective or constructive criticism using the mind as a weapon.

Satire and social mediation is now found in many form of artistic expression, including literature, plays commentary and media. The word satire comes from a Latin word satire and from the following sentence Lanxsatura.

Saturation means “complete” but the juxtaposition with Lanx moved the meaning of variety or “pastiche” meaning a combination of different kinds.  The satirist uses a range of stylistic methods that can include irony, mockery and exaggeration and so on to attack madness.

Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka’s The Trials Of Brother Jero And The Road

Satire and social mediation is about creating and restoring the social fabric by preventing or resolving conflict through the intervention of a neutral and third party who guarantee communication between partners. Through the use of satire and social mediation, citizens assume the responsibility of resolving the conflicts.

The essence of satire is therefore to ridicule the ills of an individual or institution with the aim of correcting and transforming the society.

Satire helps to mould individuals’ character and it also exposes the point of weakness of any society. The concept of satire is invented from the act of mockery or ridicules, to correct the ills of the society. It is also a piece of writing that uses devices such as irony.

A text or performance that uses irony or root to expose or attack human vices, foolishness or stupidity.

To buttress this, George Ostler in Oxford dictionary, opines that satire is a composition which vice or follies is tended up to ridicule.

Satire is a powerful art form which has the ability to point out the deficiencies in certain human behaviours and social issues which result from them in such a way that they become absurd, even hilarious, which is therefore entertaining and reaches a wide audience.

Satire also has the ability to protect it creator from capability for criticism because it is implied rather than overtly stated in this way, it becomes a powerful fool dissenters in difficult or oppressive political and social periods.

Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka’s The Trials Of Brother Jero And The Road

1.2       Statement of the Problems

Satire is a literary techniques which principally ridicules its subject which includes individuals, organization or states often as an intended means of provoking or preventing changes. Satire can be said to be both a specific literary genre, and a literary manner. As a literary genre, it is said to have references to a poetic form which was originated in the 2nd Century B.C. This is to say that satire was initially often Quintilian that it required a general application to other forms of literary expression and verbal expressions.

As a literary manner satire is concerned with ridiculing human and institutional follies with the intention of correcting them. Therefore, satire is employed to mock or censor the action of man or his belief.

On the other hand, social mediation is an expression of empowering the individual components of a good society, empowering them to take responsibility for maintaining social peace and preventing crime. The use of social mediation by writers is to correct and restore order in the society which is so much engulfed in a mirage of socio-political, cultural and economic problems.

1.3       Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is to critically examine satire and social mediation in Wole Soyinka’s the Trails of Brother Jero and he Road. The study will also examine the nature of satire and social mediation.

Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka’s The Trials Of Brother Jero And The Road



1.1       Background to the Study

1.2       Statement of the Problem

1.3       Purpose of the Study

1.4       Significance of the study

1.5       Scope and limitation of the Study

1.6       Research methodology

1.7       Definition of Terms

1.8       Bio-data of the Author


2.1       Nature of Satire

2.2       Types of Satire



3.1    Analysis of Satire and Social Mediation in The Trial Of Brother Jero

3.2       Theme in Soyinka’s The Trial of Brother Jero

3.3       Characterization


4.1    Analysis of Satire and Social Mediation in The Road

4.2       Theme in The Road

4.3       Characterization


5.1       Summary

5.2       Recommendations

5.3       Conclusion

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Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka’s The Trials Of Brother Jero And The Road, Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka’s The Trials Of Brother Jero And The Road


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